Q:How much hair will I need?

A: Recommended for a full sew-in with inches 12'-22'inches, 3-4 bundles. For inches; 24'-32' recommended 4-6 bundles (without frontal or closure).

Q:How long does the hair last?

A:Enchanted Collection- upon keeping up with your hair these bundles should last up to 2-3 years. Bleu Collection- with great haircare these bundles should last approximately 1-2 years.

Q: Can I Dye My Hair?

A:Gem, why of course you may dye your hair. As recommended please consult with a professional. Enchanted will NOT be responsible for any damages to hair. 


Q: How am I able to get a texture not listed to purchase?

A: Gem, Head over to the Contact Us Page and leave us a Message. Or You can simply Direct Message/Inbox us on Facebook or Instagram.